Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vogue 1240


Here's the project. While I store some energy to unpick the collar of the Vogue 7979 and get ready for finishing. No the seams at the collar didn't line up at one spot. Rats.

Anyway, this pattern says it's easy, and it is. I had to turn off my logical brain, that's ok, it's small, and just follow the directions. The pleats are a little bit fussy, but I think this is mostly because this fabric is a bit stretchy and very slippy so it needed to be manhandled a little bit. It spat out pins like crazy, so patience was the key. No big deal. The pleats look a bit rough right now, because they are basted. I think I'll need to play with their lay before I put the collar on.

The collar consists of an interfaced two piece foundation and then two other pieces that fold and wrap. Internal finishing consists of French seams and rolled hems and felled seams.

This fabric was on sale, buy one get two free, so at $12 total, plus zip and snaps at 50% off, I'd say this is a $15 dress. Hopefully it won't look like a $15 dress when I'm done. A true georgette might be a better choice for this little number, but this satiny stuff is ok.

Today is a proper work day, so tomorrow for finishing it is. Then I'll need to find something to do to actually wear it, aside from gardening. Sometimes I like to freak out the neighbours. It's entertaining for me. :)


I'm almost finished this dress. I've decided to hand sew a rolled hem, and that is taking a little while. This fabric frays easily and doesn't like to be bent..... So two more nights at least to get the hem done, and all the last bits of finishing. Then I'll see what I can do about some proper photos.