Monday, March 28, 2011

Simplicity 2508

ahhhh.... I finally feel like I've gotten somewhere.

So here is the jacket I thought I would do for the RTW Tailoring Sew-along . Looks like it would have been waaaayyyy too easy! OK, maybe not, as I am not exactly done yet, and this coat will still require 20 different buttons.

I have to say that I am quite inspired by what I've found other sewistas to be accomplishing these days. There are some ready to sew patterns I have ready to sew, and I will stalk them a little bit in hopes of seeing some of their finished projects. It keeps me motivated to work through my stack of cuttings and become more accomplished. I will definitely be doing a Hepburn outfit of my own, and a Chanel jacket or dress or both. I've would love to bring my stash down to a dull roar before I buy any more fabric. I think I have too much as I can't exactly walk into my storage room. It is a the level of ridiculous. Although I could definitely live with myself being this way. Easy.

The fabric I found stashed for this jacket, is an Indian embroidered white linen. It's crisp now, but softens in a nice way. The lining isn't finished yet, and unfortunately tomorrow is my work for actual money day, so Wednesday will be the finish date. Hopefully.

The pad stitching, cream on white, is very difficult to see.

Et voila, ici le manteau!

 I didn't have enough of the same interlining for the front facings, so I used fusible. It doesn't have the same body, although the difference is slight. I think I prefer the sewn in natural interfacing to go with this linen.

I'm sure it seems that I fit things in a goofy way, that is apparent on Polly Ester, but I have bigger shoulders and lats, a waist and then a poking out bum, so the fit of this jacket on me, is pretty good, after I graded the pattern from a size 12 (with a skinny seam allowance for my biceps and arm hole, down to a 4 at the waist and then waaaay back out to a 12 again for my bum. An athletic body is not so easy to fit, and I am trying to be a bit girlie instead of just tomboy these days.

Hopefully the ruffles with lose their stiffness and relax, they look like elephant feet right now!

This pattern was relatively easy to put together. I recommend the muslin to start. The instructions are clear but all put together, which means, you have to really pay attention to the options that you've picked so that you follow ALL of the right instructions. I had to go back and forth and back and forth more than usual to find my missing steps (including the missing pattern pieces too) a little more than usual.

I like the raglan sleeve, and for me with my shoulders and easier fit.

I will be making this pattern again, the trenchcoat version, and likely a short jacket as well... you can NEVER have too many jackets. I am hoping to start making my own hats to go with these jackets/coats as well. I love hats.