Monday, September 5, 2011

Butterick 5032 plaid madness

Today, I worked through the Butterick Retro Shift and my plaid. It said easy, and it was.

I took a little extra time trying to match the plaids, and as it's my first ever plaid attempt, it's ok. The bodice and the skirt attachment isn't the best, on the horizontal line, but I can try again.

The colours on the photos aren't exactly right, but hey, not such a big deal in the grand scheme.

I tried it on, and wasn't so taken with it. Very boxy and rather blah. Sackish, really. Not sure what I was expecting, it's not an exciting fabric or pattern, but I still like it, and the flannel is kind of cozy for fall. I wasn't getting my warm and fuzzy feeling though, sooooo......

I started pinning and tucking and enhancing the pleats and darts.

Side view, pinned and tucked
 It's definitely turned into a Pin and Tuck Major, project. I cut a 14, which is my size, aside from my bust. What I'm having to take out seems to be the equivalent to 3 or 4 sizes. The front pleats and darts are going to be increased by an inch, each, widthways. I've pinned it to give a front panel effect, which seems to be ok. I'm trying not to mess with the good line-ups I've got going....

See the pinned out amount in the back? It's huge! More than 6 inches total. I will likely have to undo the entire back to adjust for the zipper. So a total of almost 10" out.... That's a lot. I'm not that small!

The inside is finished with French seams and the facing was finished with a bias tape. I like a neat inside...and I'm not quite done!

Overall, I like the effect better with the tightening to the figure adjustments.

The square neck is a bit high, but it just makes this a very modest dress. Not a bad thing. If it wasn't so high, I'd go ahead with my plan of adding the pleated trim around it. But it will just be too much. 

(PS this is a day later.... I tried the ruffle around the collar, it looks good; balances out the dress somehow.... it's going on! :) ) (See below)

With my new fire sale Navy trench ($40 from $200. Can't make it for that!) , and black boots and hat, I think this just might work as is. It's closer to what I had thought, but I'm thinking a plaid on the bias is maybe what I really wanted. Can you say "Twinkle Sews Annie Hall bias skirt"?

So the boys go back to school tomorrow....ahhh.... regular scheduled life... although this summer was pretty good. I've got too much sewing to do to keep messing around with this lacka daze summer fun!

I did manage to whip up a new pencil case this evening for #2 boy. I didn't manage to get a photo of it as he snapped it up, filled it and stuffed it in his knapsack before I could even say my own name. I'll take that as a satisfied son. Must have been funky enough for this new grade 7 kid to not be embarassed! Coolio.

This week, I will finish the zippers and hems and tucks and start #1 boy's Negroni. He was sized up this evening too.... now, muslin or not to muslin, that is the question.....

(PPS Question answered, no muslin.... shirt cut out and ready for action)

Update: Here's the ruffled trim. I used the selvege edge as it had a little frayed trim I liked. I'm working on getting my head around how to deal with the darts and taking things in without taking absolutely everything apart. I will fight the fight for a little longer, and then take everything apart like I know I will have to....I will live in denial for a little longer.