Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ottobre Dress 15 Spring O9

Ok, so I was not as productive as a could have been this weekend, but I did get some things done, and then redone, and then fixed one more time.

First, I was dizzy trying to find the right pieces to trace out for this dress. I know, it is what it is.... Dizzy none the less.

First problem: Forgot to cut these pieces on the fold. Nuts.

OK, not a show stopper. I decided to use Felled Seams on everything including the new front and back seams, and on the front I happened to have a pretty taffeta ribbon that went perfectly with the fabric.

Second problem: Didn't make casing quite wide enough. Nuts.

OK, still not a show stopper. I'll add the ribbon! Nope. Stitched in the ditch and just made a mess.
I added another bias strip instead, trimmed it down, and I still need to hand stitch the casing on top.

I also decided to make a key hole with the ribbon on the top to make sure I could get into this dress. I've got bigger shoulders. You'll see. One of these minutes I'll be brave enough to try on the things that I make and actually won't mind being seen in them!

So here you go. I liked the tie as a belt, and might make one more to actually have as a belt.

The inside Felled Seam.